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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...
My 4 years old son only listens and dances Pitbull's music. Every time he sees somebody with similar look, he says.....mira Pitull....
I promised him we will go to the next concert. Hopefully I can get VIP tickets and finally we can meet our IDOL. I( mom's comment)

Pittbull man, I don't follow so much music, at the present time everybody is all about showing off and the rest of the bs in the industry . I think that you bring something new to the table as a human being and do not forget about your roots, past and family,, esentially what I'll try to teach my son as my father did to me back in Cuba,,, pa' lante y ache pa ti,, a mi chamaco le gusta tu musica y le dice a las ninas " Muchacha , mira que tu estas rica " ,,, ahi por el camino nos vemos,,, sigue derecho asere.( dad's comment)

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