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I feel that the music you sing is amazing. You can get any one who is having a bad day to forget all about it. All your music is so upbeat that there is no way you can help yourself from wanting to dance. You bring people from all different cultures and ethnic backgrounds together. Also people from all types of social backgrounds. Rich or poor, black, white, latinos all alike enjoy your music. I love that fact that you can have a good song by anyone and you have Pitbull do a few lines in a remix and turns that song into an even better song. So amazing!!!! You have worked with so many artists and still continue to grow, you are an inspiration to many and obviously too un orgullo latino!!!!! I is also wonderfull that you stay true to your fans because they all love you and what you do so much. Never forget your fans because even a simple smile or picture or autograph from you makes it all worth it to us. Que dios te bendiga siempre,DDDAAAALLLLEEEEE

Posted by HILDA


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