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I'm a fan because...I love great dance music. Mr. 305 knows how to flo, he is very talented and has a unique voice that makes me melt when he speaks and flos! He is polijte to his fans and cares about his culture which speaks so much about a person. When I hear his music, WOW I just start dancing and feel every beat. I love that he has been featured with some of my favorites artists like, Enrique, Usher, T-Paine to name a few. Pitbull brings their music to an even higher level!!! I just want to keep hearing more from him. We have two things in common, we share the passion for music and we both know how to bring it on the dance floor!!! I need to be dancer on his video "Hey Baby" I love that song and would make sure the viewers can feel what I feel when I hear his music, NOW THAT'S A POWERFUL ELEMENT.

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