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Give Me Everything (Feat.Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)
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"Took my life from negative to positive"

I'm a fan because Pitbull is amazing (: He's a true example of what/how us hispanics should be. We should be grateful for living and breathing each day. And he's a true example of to never give up on your dreams and hopes in life. No one can put you down. Only yourself. You are your own motivation. "Took my life from negative to positive" He basically saying that never look to the negative. Always look at the positive side of things. Life will reward you. (: Pitbull and many artist like himself set standards on what they do. Yes, he may use some vulgar language but what artist don't? He sings to motivate and inspire his fans. If you listen to his lyrics closely you'll understand it. If you knew his life you'll understand where he's from. Every artist is from different backgrounds. And Pitbull was from the bottom now his at the top. Pitbull is a amazing guy who deserves credit for what he does. I'm a fan cause I love his music, I love his personality, I love just how he is overall as a person. Take time to listen to music and understand where some artists are from. Maybe they'll relate to you. (:

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