For sure, I mean, Machine respect, Gray as Gray Before God Gray, Kendall as a city will increase the Miami Dade Revenue to a higher extent possible if done right. How right? Petitions Dadewide, it will decrease terrorism by a big tim at least 50 percent since this will totally increase police and CIA support, bring the Mafia to its deserved, the nights almost over Miami (dark we don't f*** with) just got slashed more than half. Trust it, its so much money for us Cubans, since, lol, Dadeland, The Falls, Town and Country, the New Movie Theater with High Definition, Right next to Sunset Place, no ocean ports so NADA ocean mafia trafficking, WE HAVE AN AIRPORT, Churches, Mosque. As well as, higher Santeria than Coral Gables, Higher Santeria than Coconut Grove. Higher Vodou than Florida all together. And, no masonic lodge in sight.

There is no masonic lodge of Kendall.

We want to be masonically, "South Miami"?

Guess what about the Dade Freemasons, their Coconut Grove Ritual room is in Coral Gables.

Ight, we want a City so we can get out of debt, it doesn't cost a thing, and our taxes will be fair since we will dig for natural resources, go anti skitzophrenia, and f*** the anti free speech people. I said f***, yes, I got taken in for saying this: that fat and calories sound too tempting. And a restaurant called Fat Calories would sell. Dade will up the Sunset Drive speed limit to 50, increasing nothing more than business and traffick. We will add more stop lights HERE IS THE THEORY. I am trying too hard? I am a man, DALE

The most succesfull nations have small cities and no HUGE cities. Miami is so large, it is stupid. Stupid. How control SO many people?

We need to be controlled, the Bible, Koran, Torah, says so. If God works with Life it must be through some type of government, however mysterious it could be. Free will YES but God answers prayers, Kendall. Miami, you don't like Kendall, to you we are middle class. To us we are enlightened beings of spirit.


DALE, lets GO.

All we need is a man with ten thousand dollars to send a petition to all of Dade with a reasonable explanation of the educational benefits Miami Killian would go through, like I did, haha Masons don't want it? the Sorority b**** doesn't want it? I was in a fraternity you stole me. I was rejected from the HIGHEST located Lodge as a Cathedral? yeah, they call their highest places of meetings, Cathedrals, and its a place with a Koran, and swords, that are used to kill. Sometimes by the KKK. That the KKK is allowed to meet in Kendall is Miamis fault. We want no KKK we want Kendall, Florida. Nice restaurants, Clubs, Tourism, from Cuba, Great Haitians, Columbians, Argentinians, we want the cuisine, the almond soda, the hibiscus candy, and the low fat fast food, called Diet Fast Food, just by giving wet naps at the window to clean, our hands, as if its legal Mc Donalds, whatever, GET THE f*** OUT

Posted by KendallCity