Excellence and the laws of attraction

If your a member of this site then its obvious your a Mr. Worldwide fan. Many out there either love him or hate him. However he needs no defending. Not that it will ever phase him as he is to positive to let it touch him. When asked not long ago by someone on another media site why I held Armando in any regard, This is what I had to say. So here is to you Armando.

Armando’s Exceptional Inspirational and most Amiable Character. Armando is and Personifies Inspiration. A true artist, with his feet firmly planted on the ground with an astute head in the Heavens at the same time. Our society is full of Pretty Boy’s, and Celebrities who may look and sound good. However there is with many, so much wanting. I like, per say, many Artists work … However not at any time recently over the past few years has any one in particular ever earned my total and complete respect as not just an artist, but exceptionally moving individual. I have watched him through the past few years. Time, consistency, ones actions and eyes tell no lies he has remained true. He get's it, and is an supreme professional. Perfect yet not flawless in every way as we all are in ours. Others would do well to observe and learn. I have been introduced to a few and have passed many Celebrities on the streets. Very few who I should pass on the street, shake hands with I would truly be pleased to meet and thank for everything positive they are putting out into the world. Armando is subsequently one I would. Handsome yes granted, but it’s what’s within him that I find most amiable, highly regarded and powerfully attractive. His music is an life force extension of him and the reason I enjoy it immensely. A warm thank you Armando for all that you are and all that you continually aspire to be. A kiss on the cheek to ya. Regards, Amira.

As a professional that works with "at risk population" I want to send out another warm thank you for for being the role model that you are amongst them, and let you know first hand that I have witnessed the positive impact you are having. It warms my heart to hear one of the kids bust out your lyrics walking down the hall
"God knows I got a good heart but my blood is filled with demons
I'm fighting myself, believe me,
I'm far from ignorant, Far from greedy
If you know where I come from, know what I've been through
You think there should have been another outcome
Just like most kids, a father I did it without one
Come from the city, X you like Malcolm, then you wonder how come
I can move in the room full of wolves so swift so smooth,
Thank you mom for making me a man
Let that mother (bleep) knock me and my castle to the sand."
That happened just today .... It made me smile. So another kiss on the cheek to ya daaaaaaaaling. Can not wait to see what you do next.

Posted by Amira.Salhi