My rant and raving. You don't have to respond.

This has been on my mind lately, maybe I have to much free time on my hands.
Armando/ Pitbull also calls himself Mr. Worldwide, which I get he travels around the
world performing and meets people from many different places. What bugs me is he makes women all over the world want him (myself included), I guess it’s not really his fault God made him so HOT, and tells them with his lyrics that he’s interested in them and wants to meet them at a hotel, motel, or holiday inn. I saw an interview with him a while ago about the kind of women his is interested in is sexy (of course that’s a given), classy, and lastly the one I don’t get is he only wants a latino woman. I don’t have a problem with it. It reminds me of West Side Story which is my absolute favorite musical, I love every song in it. I guess it bugs me the most because I love him, this really does make me one crazy women, and because I’m not latino he would not be interested in me. If it was something I had control over it would be one thing, but my parents made me ineligible from birth and that’s what really sucks. I was born and raised in Iowa and back in the 70’s there weren’t that many choices of different ethnical races. Both my parents grew up on farms and had pretty sheltered lives. I feel that Pitbull has been very motivational towards women and I know for myself I have learned a lot from him.
Maybe it’s just me, but I like to dream of a better life with someone I admire like Pitbull and when I heard this at first I was hurt and heart broken. Now I just hope he finds someone that will make him happy.

Yes, I’m a nut trying to get out of my shell. My life is all about broken dreams and misunderstandings. I really should someday get a day job. Until then, I will live one day at a time and try to have a really good time. Thanks for letting me rant and rave, Robin.

Posted by RMUELLER