Pit Bull and media of RATS

I have to talk on a reallity on Pit bull
If you see attacks of histerics haters don't take it as rare , they are really pending for my revelator sendings
At radio they only want to play the original version of the song of pit bull bum bum they only play a simple version where he nor show her voice , if some one solicites it RATS on radio say " sorry I have only the simple version " version where the array only shows sounds , or they play only the song with e. Iglesias and all only to don't give the support to Pit Bull , who is not under contract of promotion like E .Iglesias who they want to support this time pit bull via and who nor with pit bull they achieve to remove on its e .iglesia his dull without grace grotesque and haughtiness personallity equal to all the bad singers we have to hear in the kind of fascist way baddly hidden way in this so known purely commercial latin media from 2004 on .

To Pit bull they only want to use his great talent and grace to impell singers who invoicing with that corporative of international media . He should get a great pay for make the favor for the singers of that corporative where from 2004 on its lists are most fixed than ever included that " respectable institution " of bilboard " vileboards " .

At the stores of discs of that international corporative looking for control the prefference of public they don't sell the album of pit bull a one has to solicit it very much times and it's no there , while the albums of its personal like that trash of e. iglesias , la loca trevy , p. rubio , los yandeles and all singers who produce trash songs kind novel of the cheap tv have its discs filling the store hooping for some day people buy them by the fraudulent sistem of promotion of that international corporative of media which in the most bigs countries of latimanerica reigns sabotoating great singers like is the case of Cyndi Lauper who everytime has succesfull albums but of course is everytime sabotoated by that media who only looks for the benefice of corporative and see great artists like enemies and use them only to impell its trash of its singers and who has to act cinically before fans of those great singers , don't consume them .

Posted by fandepibo