Know what you believe

Mr. Worldwide,

I was in Atlanta to see you and Enrique on Thursday night. You are both incredibly talented musically. I just wanted to say that I believe there is a lot more to turning a negative life into a positive life than making a s***load of money, becoming popular and famous, and getting tens of thousands of fans to worship you in an arena, or hundreds of thousands of fans to worship you on a nationwide tour, or even millions of fans to worship you worldwide on the internet. I would be able to let that go as a difference in beliefs if you had not ended your segment of the concert with the "God bless" phrase. Now I realize that we may believe in different gods, but all of the heads of the major religions, the judeo-christian Yahweh, the Muslim Allah, Confucius, Buddha, etc, they would all continue to see your current lifestyle, or the lifestyle portrayed through your lyrics, as a negative life. As a result the invocation of God's blessing mid concert is a huge turnoff for me. I can respect someone with different beliefs than I have if they stand by those beliefs and have come to them after some intense thought and study. It is much harder to respect someone that believes in God enough to ask for his blessings if he is there, but not enough to change the way he lives in order to live according to God's will. My suggestion to you is to actively search your heart and mind for the truth with openness. If it leads you to a belief in God then that's great. If it leads you to a belief that we are all here by chance and there is no entity in the universe greater than humans then that's great too. If it leads you to believe that sure there is a God but he doesn't care what we do, then that's fine too, but if he doesn't care about the negative stuff we do, then he probably won't bless the positive stuff. The belief that we can do what we want and disregard God until we want his blessing and all we have to do is ask and he'll dump that blessing on us, is ludicrous. That's the belief that people take that have never really put any thought into it. I hope you seek and find the truth, whatever that may be.

Daniel Ramsey

Posted by dpramsey