Make my mom's bucket wish come true!!

Don't know if I can post this here, but ANYONE... PLEASE; I need help!! My mom LOVES (and I mean L-O-V-E-S) this man... she is 56 years YOUNG and although she's a GREAT mom (and grandma to my daughter) she confided in me that she has felt "dead" inside for the past 10-12 years & had lost all interest in herself, music & most everything (besides family of course) until she first heard PITBULL'S voice, which was this past January. Since then, and because of HIM... she credits him with "saving her life"!! She changed her unhealthy eating habits and lost 60 pounds by herself! WOW... she looks fantastic again (not her age!) and is back to being my hot SEXY mama again. She dances to PITBULL music every chance she gets (she's a GREAT dancer!!). She swears she gets goosebumps & hot flashes at the same time when she hears him & screams like a teenager when sees him in videos. I would say she's his number one FAN (and maybe the oldest?)!! Here's my dilemma: She said her NUMBER ONE BUCKET LIST wish is to MEET PITBULL & appear in the background of one of his videos!! Although I realize this is a BIG dream, he IS coming to BOSTON on 9/22, and it is on MY bucket list to make (part of) her DREAM come true & just attend his concert & MEET HIM, even if only for a minute! If ANYONE can make this happen, anywhere, anytime... please contact me!! Even if this isn't possible, I at least know I tried, and wanted to say THANK YOU to PITBULL for giving my MOM back to me!!!

Posted by punk