Feelings toward divorce four stages

Not all marriages are unbreakable love after high-temperature down, face the reality of life , and then loving couple also have a variety of conflicts, handled properly, can lead to emotional breakdown , eventually swirling Lo Yan .
From a psychological perspective, the " emotional breakdown " to go through the dispute , alert , cracks , cracked four stages.
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Disputes. After the wedding the couple hand in hand , through the hot period , will enter the conflict period, if conflicts are not solved , then evolves into a dispute , winding unclear land dispute. Generally speaking , the dispute in the low cultural level and choleric , sanguine of those involved in the leakage of more performance , such as the mouth , fighting , destruction of property and so on. After mediation , to resolve , but after repeated itself , endless civil war . In the high cultural level and phlegmatic , melancholic performance of those involved in the multi- Yu , the appearance indisputable not noisy, but inside another cold, feel crevices , mediation is not easy to bear fruit.

Alert. Accumulation of disputes , the couple from estrangement and alert , commonly known as " strange bedfellows ." Alert in the form of fetishism each type were mostly withheld from the property , the balance of payments , external type who hide from each other dealings with the opposite sex and so on . In order to prepare for each other to grasp the handle and understand the truth, in terms of both economic and social relations of alert , and even personal career issues , future issues , but also tight-lipped , other layers of fortification preparedness same way as the burglar .

Cracks. There is always secretive disclosures day. Disclosure of secret cause more serious disputes, will increase the alert ; As a result, a vicious circle , and finally cracks. Performance on the emotional rift is strongly dissatisfied with the performance on each other 's departure from behavior. At this time, there are the living conditions of most of the separation ; without living conditions , even cohabitation , but also back to back , kept to themselves .

Rupture. Growing rift can not build bridges , feeling completely broken. Emotional breakdown couple , their choices are basically three modes : one is split by divorce legal formalities ; second is to consider a variety of reasons , inconvenience divorced, had to make do with life , endure setbacks weight , marital relationship in name only ; Third, emotional breakdown , can not be reversed , just to torture each other , refused to divorce, " holding him ( her ) , let him ( her ) happy ." This dragged both stupid and not morality , harm to others also .

Shape on the inside, the line on the outside. Four stages of emotional breakdown , the former two are shaped on the inside, is the "cause" is generally belong to the inner areas of activity ; latter is the line on the outside , is the " fruit", are generally put into action category. Therefore, to prevent emotional breakdown , marital conflicts should occur in the adaptation, to resolve conflicts in the bud .

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