How to get out lovelorn pain methods

Falling out of love , you feel sad, sad, desperate , confused , decadent ...... how you can do before you can help yourself out lovelorn swamp it?
Talk :<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Text The Romance Back</strong></a>
Talk to others his heart troubles is necessary, and more , and good friends chat. Costumes or carrying a person will make the hearts of nowhere distraction repressed , resulting in more depressed. If you can not find the right audience , you can go to school counseling teachers talk troubles and pain of mind .
Vent :
Properly vent troubles my mind , sports, singing, yelling into the open space or cry out . Repression rather than vent their inner troubles, untie the knot will be more difficult .
Rational thinking :
In romance , when a great emotional impact , then tend to fall into misery and despair difficult to extricate themselves , few can think rationally . However, after your initial sad past , it may also have some rational thinking . It not only can help you relieve pain better through this period , and more importantly, it can help your heart grow.
You first need to think that other people have the right to choose , do not you liked him ( her ) , he ( she ) will certainly have to like you - after all , the world is still a minority Love wishful hit it off .
Also, think rationally : He ( she ) is the most suitable for you it? Love is not necessarily appropriate. Break up between you, your relationship is certainly because there are some gaps , there are some differences in your personality. If you really together , to ensure that these gaps and differences , will not lead to new conflicts , the feelings between you really can long it?
Another way :
There are some other way , you can try : 1 Tell yourself , " Splendor in the Grass ." Good sex in various places there . Repeat to yourself the moment this belief ( through verbal ) will be at a later time to make myself believe that it is not necessary entangled in one person hold. 2 . Use of " sour grapes " and " Sweet Lemon " mentality. Like Aesop's fable of the fox did say " sour grapes " , pointing out some of the shortcomings of previous lovers and unrequited love object , help break the idealistic tendency. " Sweet Lemon " is a list of their various advantages. Better place to find your own self-confidence can be restored , thus reducing pain. 3 Environmental appropriate shift. Do not get involved too often before and lovers stay together environmental , Duwusiren make you even more sad. The passage of time, the pain will fade away . 4 . Sublimation. Love setback can be reduced to a driving force. When you are in order to reduce psychological stress and the passion to go into business , you'll put this tension is released slowly into the cause of the help.

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