Child Abuse(Physical,emonitional)Sexual molesting(8-10)yrs of age and Bullying till 18 yrs of age

Dear Sir: My name is Walter Contois and I am 66 yrs of age,I have this powerful story about my life and I have not been able to tell anyone and it is very painful but it is hard to let out.I have been watching you everytime I can get a chance to see you on T.V and hear you talk about not forgetting where you came from or where your root's are so you will know where to go,and I would love the chance to meet you and sit down with you and tell you about my life from 5-6yrs to 18yrs of my life and I hope after that we could somehow let this out and hopefullycan help a young man or young girl on know matter what you will be alright. Thank You !!! You Do Great Work and You are very REAL!!!! Walter Contois (

Posted by bucwalt