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To whom it may concern
my name is yesenia caba i am a proud parent of a student at miami coral park senior h.s in florida dade daughter is co-captian of the colorguard team which is part of "the band of gold" which is coral parks marching band and 2011 florida state champions the reason i am writing as everyone knows school districts do not support music and the arts.we rely solely on donations and the hardwork of our students and parents who day to day try and do as much as we can to bring in money. our season is begining.our budget is $52.500 for this season have our techs and instructers cant get paid some times but they do it for the love of the kids and music.this year i have the pleasure of being vicepresident to the band booster commitee,band mom,guardmom and nominated the fundraiser in charge,why becaue last year after 10 years i lost my job and had to figure out how to keep my daughter in the program and of the streets and i have as well as many other kids.i often hit the streets trying to fundraise with them asking for donations anything to keep the kids of the streets and in the program.i can continue to write on and on and maybe i wont even get a reply but here it goes worth a try.i gues what im asking is if you mr pitbull being an alumni of miami coral park knowing how important music is for the kids of this area to keep them of the streets if you can sponser us in some kind of way.a small donation,something for us to auction off anything will be greatly appreciated.dig deep into your heart as our director does each and every day for these children he has no life just to give them some kind of hope his name is aramis gonzalez.thank you in advance and i pray to the heavens above that i hear from someon on your staff here is my info.

yesenia caba

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