Its not just a party for me its the best gift i could give.

I know that many people post on your site, I think that you are amazing not olny as a singer but in life as well. Im not going to sit here and beg and plead you to answer this, lol I know you are a human being. I just want to say that I am 22 years old and At 18 I was in to so much bad things in my life I probrably wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for my aunt (who is absolutely crazy about you lol and shes married lol ) who saved me from where I was headed. I cant thank her enough she is still dealing with things for me that I never thought I could get through. This is a public space so if you need more details I will gladly email somewhere where public cant read. Any way she is like a mom to me she raised me to who I am today, and I would enjoy nothing greater than giving her the most awesome present for her birthday in September. This is not a joke im being real about all of this. I hope that you at least take the time to read this and post back on here. Thanks

Posted by Cielo1234