Hi, um.. I'm having my sweet sixteens on may 22 and I would like to know if I could get Pitbull to sing a song for me here in a warehouse in Hialeah. It would mean alot to me, please call me and let me know if this is possible (786)280-7558
Thank you,
Jessy Smile

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HI, My baby girl is going to be fifteen and she is in love with pitbull, her dream would be to have Pitbull performe in her 15 birthday party but I know that would not be something we can't affort but my question is "How much would pitbull charge to just record like a happy birthday message for my daughter so that I can play it on her birthday party, since we can't afford to bring him, at least I would like to give her the surprise of a birthday message from her favorite artista Pitbull. Please call me and let me know as soon as possible (in case I need to star saving) my phone # 317-523-1187

concierto en Francia


Somos la radio de musica latina CAPSAO 99.3 FM, basada en la bella ciudad de Lyon ( segunda mas grande ciudad de Francia) y queremos organizar un concierto con PITBULL. porfavor contactenos a esta direccion.

Muchas Gracias

Please answer :)

Hi my name is Hidy and I live in Hialeah ,FL I was woundering if you could preform at my quincenera its a really special thing for me being Cuban-American born in Hialeah. You've been my idol since I could remember.My parents know that i've dreampt day and night of having you as my grand special guest at my quincenera my mom and dad are very supportive of my dreams but unfourtuanty they had to back down and throw the towel .... when she found out how much a hour of your preformance cost! i was quite unsatisfied but like i said imma keep my head up high and hope for the best and expect the worst and like my dad says "si te caiste levantate y vete pa' arriba y plaente por que pa'tra no hay mas na'" ...I'd love a responce back id be very thoughtful Smile

Booking PitBull

I need to book Pitbull for an exclusive event in Palm Springs, CA.

Where do I send my request to?

Thank you,

(760) 296-2151