your lyrics harm girls

My 14 year old daughter told me that Pitbull's lyrics are sexist, so I looked them up and was shocked at my misogynistic they are. Women struggle in this culture to feel good about themselves, abuse shelters are full of women, women don't earn as much as men, and studies show that watching tv and other media makes girls feel bad about themselves because they are shown in very disempowered ways. Why are you contributing to that instead of showing women as competent and capable? Some of the lyrics make women seem like nothing more than an object for the gratification of men. My daughter has to live in a world where you are sending these powerful and hurtful messages about girls and women, so quit hypersexualizing them. Your music is a real disappointment. You have the ability to be a positive force for change, but you are profiting from putting women down.

Posted by Nothappy