Devasted I did not get to meet Pitbull at meet & greet

Last Friday (7/27/12), Pitbull was promoting his new Voli Vodka line at a Walgreens in Chicago. My 9 year old daughter was turned away because she is not 21. We waited in line for over an hour and were trampled over by fans. My daughter was crying, terrified and then extremely disappointed. I am a fan and turned her on to Pitbull. All she wanted for her birthday was to see Pitbull, so I bought her concert tickets. She was even more excited when she learned she may be able to meet him. Unfortunately her dreams did not come true. I could not even take a picture of her with a cardboard cutout of Pitbull because it was advertising vodka. I feel horrible. Are there any other chances for my 9 year old to meet Pitbull?

Posted by nicolelynn01