The sickest play on genres known to man...

I dunno bout you but back in time the single is absolutely the s***. That beat and oldies style remake is what got me into pit... granted I appreciate some of his singles... no offence pit... but this s*** was thought out of a box out of this world. Its f***in ironic the whole first verse/final verse setup which made it truly indigeninous of a country classic. But then too follow it up with a Dubstep soundalike that slowed it down just enough for you to lose sight of the repetitive chorus.... and then BOOOM.... it gets u back into that neckbreakin beat. From a former city boy raised; turn country boy braised... MAAADDD RESPECT... YO TENGO ES MUSICA DE PITBULL UN DIA DE 24 HORA!!!! Oh yeah I'm a gringo get over it at least I tried with my high school spanish education...
(Aka) BiPolarBear
Montana, U.S.A

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