Pitbull will be Partying It Up in the Bud Light Hotel for Superbowl

In prep for the Super Bowl, Pitbull is putting on a concert at the Bud Light Hotel in that Texas city, celebrating the big event the right way! This is going to be one huge and fun night with over 3500 lucky guests to party with Pit.

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i wish i could of gone to this! it would of been amazing to go. i bet it was alot of fun! Smile

it look like he just meet some1 he didnt see in a lot on years lol Laughing out loud

he shouldn't be waring a pink shirt

luv this song hey baby

I went to the Bud Light Hotel Party! Pit Bull put on an amazing show!!! I am sad to say that I had never seen him in concert until last night, but will def. plan on seeing him in the future Smile He blew the others out of the water!

If the only reason i had to live were your eyes I would live forever.. they stun me like a radioactive gun..shooting through me electric fields of excitement. leaving me with jolts of lightning fast indulgence..your voice would be the reason for delivering through my veins the every thing that makes my heart beat..orale suave...dame un traigo de tu inocencia..de tu adolencia..de tu ojos yo quiero ver amor.

wish i could!!!

Smile Yeah! I'll be there.

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