LOS ANGELES (May 13, 2010) Pitbull, announced this afternoon via Twitter and his websites (www.PlanetPit.com and www.Pitbullmusic.com ) his decision to cancel the May 31 date of his “Mr. Worldwide’s Carnaval” tour in Phoenix, AZ in protest of the recent passing of the state’s controversial SB1070 legislation. In his heartfelt Tweet from Taipei, Taiwan, he stated, “I am canceling my concert in Phoenix on May 31. How is the country we enjoy and love bcuz of its human rights, freedom, opportunity and that has been built by immigrants, now start 2 deny them? It is contradicting 2 everything the USA stands 4.” Pitbull joins other top artists, politicians, community leaders and citizens in expressing their disapproval of the new law.

Other dates on the AEG Live promoted “Mr. Worldwide’s Carnaval” tour will continue as scheduled. The tour will kick off on May 25 at the 1stBank Center in Denver and will continue through June 28 with a final show at the Milwaukee Summerfest.


May 25 Denver, CO 1stBank Center

May 27 San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena

May 28 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre

May 29 San Francisco, CA Warfield

May 30 Las Vegas, NV Beach at Mandalay Bay

June 4 El Paso, TX El Paso Coliseum

June 5 Laredo, TX Laredo Events Center

June 6 McAllen, TX KAI

June 9 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amp

June 10 Houston, TX Club Escapade

June 11 Dallas, TX Palladium

June 12 Austin, TX Austin Music Hall

June 16 Norfolk, VA Norva

June 18 Atlanta, GA Six Flags

June 19 Orlando, FL Universal

June 22 Jackson, NJ Six Flags

June 23 Springfield, MA Six Flags

June 24 New York, NY Nokia Theatre

June 25 Washington, DC Six Flags

June 26 Detroit, MI Royal Oak Theatre

June 27 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom

June 28 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest

Comments (17)

I am an Arizona Resident and I understand the decision to cancel the show to prove a point. However, I do agree that the law is wrong I believe that immigrants should come here LEGALLY. That is the important key factor. AZ is not turning its back on the people who build this country they are turning their back on the immigrants who dont want to go through the process of being here legally. I believe it should be easier to be here legally, and I dont agree with how immigrants are now treated. Immigrant or not youre still a human being. In one aspect I do NOT agree with cancelling the show. As, like Ive said, it is to prove a point, you're turning your back on fans who were really looking forward to the show because of a decision that not all Arizona residents made. I agree with someone who said that you should have the show and make it a rally or raise money for a cause to help immigrants or to have a show to show the non support of the bill, not turn your back on the fans who have loved you for 10 years. I was really looking forward to this show and was so excited to finally have a chance to see you in concert after all these years and then I found out that it was cancelled. It was truely disappointing. There are other ways to show that you disagree with the bill that doesnt include hurting Arizona fans.

I agree with the decission to cancel the show. This country was built by immigrants and everyone except native Indians has immigrant background. Your next single should be about this. I would love to hear the song how we immigrants feel about it. Thanks Pitbull for your music. I am an old guy but I love your songs.

I'm sure you're cancellation on top of all the lawn mowers that have been dropped will make all the difference! My parents are immigrants so I understand LEGAL immigration; however, you are just one of many who contribute to today's societal mentality of entitlement. Citizenship of any country is not a right, but a privilege. If one enters any country illegally then the consequence is deportation if caught. If you can explain to me with a logical reason why I must pay for people who do nott belong in MY country especially when I don't make the millions of dollars you do then you may persuade me otherwise. My idea is simpler. Send them back to their native countries and donate YOUR money to them. I'm sure the American dollar (as weak as it is and illegal immigration is one factor why it has dropped. Ask an economist if you don't believe me.) will stretch farther in their own countries. Otherwise, ask if I or anyone else gives a damn. You're music is forgettable.

I wrote a very similar e-mail to Cypress Hill regarding their decision to cancel their show in Tucson. I am a resident of Arizona and am appalled at this Bill that has passed. There is an overwhelming number of people who feel the same way I do. Nobody denies that there needs to be a complete overhaul of Immigration practices in this Country, but this Bill was not it. It will undeniably lead to racial profiling which is banned in our Constitution. I commend you speaking out against the Bill and hope that high profile people will continue to to do so, we need to keep this in the media nationwide.

That being said I think cancelling the tour is hurting the very people for whom you are voicing your support. Why not turn your concert date into a free rally in the park like Gloria Estefan and Shakira have done? Help give a voice to the people in this State that don't have one. Give people a reason to gather and unify in a peaceful way to protest this Bill. I for one would welcome you as would tens of thousands of others.

I am an Arizonan and I am so sick of the "rich and famous" making choices about a state that they dont live in. Although I live in the northern part of the state I defend my fellow Arizona's. How about we send hundreds of Illegal Immigrants to walk through your gated home? How about we send hundreds of Illegals to steal from your home, kill your animals for food, do strong arm robberies in your neighborhood? How about we send them to your house? Why do the illegals get to use up our hospital system, our school system, not have car insurance and cause injuries that the American people cannot recoup. Sorry but all the "canceled tours" are now off my list of groups I will support. When are people going to realize that by canceling these concerts you are taking the dollar from the housekeepers, the hotel registration desk clerk, the mexican born who gained citizenship who are just trying to make a living. Sorry pitbull your one your own.......I go to Mexico 3-4 times per year, I understand the need for the Mexican people to try and make a life for themselves. Maybe if everyone cared so much about changing Mexico government as they care about Arizona government then things could change.

My future wife and step kids LOVE your music. They would rewind it over and over again. It got to the point I could hear " I know you want me" in my dreams. Although it wasn't my cup of tea (too old I guess), it made them so happy, so I didn't bother me.


Pitbull is no longer allowed on I-Pods, Zunes, YouTube, MTV or any other conveyance because of your decision to cancel your Phoenix concert.

Why such a harsh punishment? It is simply this. I am trying to teach them that if they follow the laws, don't take shortcuts and basically do what is right, they will have a much better life. The people that cross the borders without the authorization of the federal goverment are breaking the law. Why should they be rewarded for that? Your cancellation seem to show your support of this.

The federal goverment has turned a blind eye to the illegal immigration issue in Arizona and the effects it has on it's legal citizens. Our state legislature HAD to step up and do something.

Maybe you should boycott Washington DC. They are the ones that making the legal immigration process so damn difficult that you need an immigration lawyer to figure it out. I applied on behalf of my fiance's aunt who is stuck in that war zone call Juarez and after 6 month, I threw in the towel. Dealing with numerous government agencies got me nowhere.

I know the opposition of SB1070 loves to throw out "racist" to any supporter of the bill. I support the bill and if I'm a racist, I must be the world's worst one. My future step familiy is Hispanic of Mexican decent. I love them all and their heritage.

It comes down to this. I'm heading to Mexico today and I will have my passport on me at all time. Will I object if an officer asks to see it? Absolutely not. That is the law in Mexico and I will abide by it. Does this make Mexico a Nazi state? No, they are simply protecting their borders as any nation should. SB1070 is trying to do just that, since Washington (both parties) are unwilling to enforce the laws already on the books.

For your information I am legal here in the US. Before you speak you should investigate a little more! In case you didn’t notice I said this law affects me. I didn’t say how. Now if you would like to know how this law affects me ask and I will prove to you this law is WRONG by all means !!!!!

Your comment now brings me to curiosity, what race are you?

Why should we support you if you don't support Arizona. I never want to hear from you again. Loser. It's our state and we can run it just fine without you. You don't even know what going on here, and I doubt you read the bill. I'm not buying anything else you have to sell, and getting rid of the music I have now. We don't tell you how to run your life and expect the same consideration. A hole.

I guess this really concerns me because the people of Arizona are the ones suffering for people boycotting Arizona. The politicians will not suffer so why harm the good people of Arizona??? If your dad did something wrong, should we automatically take it out on you??? Not right...Not Fair...

I agree with the illegal is illegal...immigrants that came to this country in the early 1900's assimulated...they left their customs, launguage, flags, everything behind to become Americans. They didnt get on welfare, they started businesses and the country grew...the Latino's coming here are coming with the expectation of they will get it free and they deserve it, America owes me...this is not a people that is appriciative of what this great country has to offer. It is wrong to come here expecting to be taken care of and still demand that spanish be spoken, not try to learn the launguage of this country, expect to be given everything free. this is totally wrong.

As you can tell I support the Arizona ILLEGAL immigration bill...maybe if you actually read the bill you might also agree with the bill...it is not against immigration, it is against illegal immigration...the ones that i just spoke about.

There are a lot of great Latino's that have immigrated to this country and they are a productive member of our society...

read the bill before you respond with something like "it is racial profiling" because it is not!!!

Quote: "How is the country we enjoy and love bcuz of its human rights, freedom, opportunity and that has been built by IMMIGRANTS, now start 2 deny them?"

See, this is the problem. People don't know how to discern between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigrants. This new law does not threaten LEGAL immigrants in the least. There are already Arizona state laws requiring people to be able to provide identification upon request. This new law has done nothing to change that. People show ID's when making credit card purchases and no one complains. So what's the issue? If your thought is that FOREIGN NATIONALS that are in our country ILLEGALLY should be allowed to stay, then your issue is IMMIGRATION REFORM not IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT.

Why would you as an American align yourself with the people who have entered our country illegally and siphon off our tax dollars without making normal contributions. ILLEGAL immigration costs the state of Arizona approximately $1.8 Billion per year. We simply can't afford it anymore.

Put another way, how do you feel when people pirate your music? When people take without contributing the system fails. If you can't grasp these ideas then it is probably a good thing that you are not coming to Phoenix.


I heard that Customs & Border Protection will be checking I.D.s at every Pitbull show.

I am saddened to hear of Pitbull's decision. People that have not read the bill as our Attorney General himself should not make assumptions of something they have no idea about. I am sure FO would not have approved of this decision. Also as a legal alien myself and I am sure Pitbull's family, I cannot agree of his decision and will boycott him and will inform all of my friends and family.

so then i just had to have it as my ringtone <3 . Still waiting for her to come to my city


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