Pitbull Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live's AT&T Summer Krush Concert

Pitbull tore up the stage last night at Jimmy Kimmel Live’s AT&T Summer Krush Concert performing “Rain Over Me” and “Shake Senora”. Watch the performances below!

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Another fine concert performance by MR305 love you

I want you to know that i am not a rich man..i was in the biggest bad ass storm to hit the south in 50yr. i was moved to the state of Maine where they don't even have hip hop concerts. But i deal..but i have to say i am one pissed of brotha. I worked all summer to get two tickets for the concert, two ticket for the train round trip to get to Boston(two hours there and two hour back) and to be told after we get into the concert get drinks and food that PITBULL will not be playing tonight. Dude seriously back the hell up. You need to get yo butt to Boston and set up another show..becuz dont get me wrong yo boy "E" is good and all that but you at the Man..and i went to see the MAN. So i want you to know that all that money i worked all summer for to see you was a lost. So i will no longer b a Fan...Hip Hop is real....and i didnt get the change to see you make it REAL. i am out

wooah , now i'am not a dawdler Tongue Smile .... Pitbull is rocking Laughing out loud

(Pitbull) , two great songs ''Rain Over Me'' & ''Give Me Everything'' the best songs i have ever heard. Smile

(Pitbull) , two great songs ''Rain Over Me'' & ''Give Me Everything'' are might be the best songs. Smile :)