Pitbull graced The Jimmy Kimmel Live on the Outdoor Stage with Ne-Yo to perform his hot single "Give Me Everything"! Celebrate the new release of Planet Pit by blasting your speakers loud and watching Pit's performance now!

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"Planet Pit is a lazy club DJs wet dream; just press play" - DJ

"The Party Album of 2011" - Entertainment Weekly

"Shake Señora is a limbo dance-party waiting to happen" - NY Post

"There are no wallflowers on Planet Pit, where the beats are always thumping" - USA Today

"Pitbull, now more important than ever, and more popular, thanks to his irrepressible new album, 'Planet Pit.'" - New York Times

"'Planet Pit' is its own future Greatest Hits package." - Washington Post

"If you want a huge pop hit these days, get Pitbull to rap on it" - US Weekly

"...this album is burning like a double-shot of tequila under a thousand strobe lights." - Idolator

Today marks the official start of summer and so it's only fitting that Pitbull's highly anticipated album Planet Pit hits stores! Pit's current single "Give Me Everything" feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer has been named "the song of the summer" by USA Today and Entertainment Weekly pegs Planet Pit as "the best party album of 2011." With reviews like that and guest features from Chris Brown, Enqriue Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland, Jamie Foxx & more, summer just got a whole lot hotter!

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Pitbull's new album Planet Pit drops tomorrow and the reviews are pouring in. The Washington Post says "every song here is a superstar/super-producer collaboration, every song a banger. 'Planet Pit' is its own future Greatest Hits package." Speaking of bangers, USA Today called what many Pit fans already know, that "Give Me Everything" is one of the songs that "will rule ther summer!" And as many of you know, "very few artists have that x-factor and Pitbull oozes originality and talent when it comes to his lyrics and his sound. He is the real deal." says Access Hollywood.

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And while you're at it, check out Access Hollywood's exclusive interview below with Pitbull about his creative and collaborations on Planet Pit.