Mr. 305 Kills It on Kimmel

Our very own Pitbull was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to perform his hot new single "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)." Check out his killer performance below!

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i was there show was off the chain meng!!!!!!

I am probably the only GRANDMA that loves your upbeat songs! Wanted to buy the CD of "I KNOW YOU WANT ME" just for the music and the place where it says "one two three four", and then, in Spanish "Uno Dos...", BUTTTT because the words are so racy, I can't buy or play it for my little granddaughter! Would be great if you came up with the SAME song/tune with OTHER words, keeping the 1,2,3,4 in it (that is the main reason I want it for the little ones), but changing the lyrics of the song to be non-sexual. Extra $$ to be made here.

I bet you anything it would be a GREAT HIT for children... if so, you can thank me for the idea Smile
I also have many other suggestions if you want to email me. I am basically a nerd, but love great upbeat and happy music. I get up and dance! Hey kids, old people aren't any different than y'all.

Also saw BON BON on Jimmy Kimmel and replayed it now online. Great again, for the same reasons above.

Waiting for the TOUR (not for the grandchildren).

I want all da pitbull songs i love go goirl da best Smile

Now Pitbull... I love you. Your an awesome artist... but do you have a sore throat or something? Your voice was unusually low and gritty and it didn't sound like you at all.

On your next tour you should come to Virginia. Your like... one of my favorite artists. I don't even care where in Virginia.

is it just me or is pitbull trying to sound bad