"International Love" Video Premiere!

Mr. 305 is taking it worldwide with his the video premiere of his new single “International Love” featuring Breezy. Check out the full video below!

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When you dance it is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you amaze me at how good you dance!!!!!yoou are so good at it!!!!

...nice...and what about Slovak girls,hmm? Wink

I think you have done it again! Each time you make a song the next one is better than the last! Great job Pitbull!

Genius! This video is definatley one of my favorite Pitbull videos<3 especially because I was there at the Enrique Iglesias concert when they were shooting parts. <3 Armando, everytime I see your video or see you perform it makes me smile. Why? Only because you deserve everything you have. You've worked hard and you got what you wanted. So congratulations and 305 will be the death of me too<3 Love you

if you speak like that about romanian girls please search photos with some of our singers : ANLEXANDREA STAN, Inna, Antonia and you can listen their songs to see how it is a best song. if we are a small country that doesnt mind you can say what you want about us... you can go and f*** with your illuminati

Pitbullgirls Love this video and Pitbull