"Hey Baby" Behind the Scenes

Follow Pit behind the scenes as he takes you on the set of his "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) video shoot. Special appearance by T-Pain!

Don't miss the worldwide premiere of "Hey Baby" on Monday, November 8th at VEVO.com, Pitbullmusic.com & Planetpit.com.

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pitbull is amazing!!i love himmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud XD <3 <3 voice....pretty..his laugh is lovely!!!!!i adore him....

I know your "Hey Baby" video will be GREAT! Looking forward to seeing it. I don't think you remember but I met you in Phoenix at Celebrity Theater and asked you if I could be in your new video. I know you probably thought I was just a crazy fan, but I seriously LOVE DANCING! Your music is so wonderful to dance to and it comes sooo natural for my body to move to. It's funny because I dance just like u! (*_*) I read you may have a song with David Guetta, that is going to be the BOMB!!!! I am going to send a short video of me dancing and maybe you will consider me for your video with David Guetta(On my Bucketlist). Thanks for sharing your talent Mr. 305 & Worldwide! Maria Hidalgo (Phoenix, AZ)