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Fusion Festival
Birmingham, UK
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I keep thinking about buying a ticket to this but I live near London and none of my friends want to go. Is there anyone from any area who would like to go but doesn't want to go in on their own?

At home, among family members and well-known people, child behaves quite freely and without fear. Details are resourced by Anna Gibson author of 60 Second Panic Solution (http://www.60secondpanicsolutionreviews.com/)

- Avoiding social situations leads to significant problems with daily functioning . The child is afraid to go to school, you may leave the class, and in extreme cases even refuse to leave the house. Withdrawal from peer environment significantly impairs his psychosocial development.
selective mutism
- Selective mutism observed in 0.3-0.8% of children and adolescents.
- This is a form of social phobia, in which the fear of the people is manifested refusal verbal communication (silence), despite the fact that the child in question and its understanding are properly developed.
- The child does not talk to strangers (ie, not members of the family or close friends), their questions do not respond at all or responds to gestures. Introduction to Anna Gibson:> http://www.60secondpanicsolutionreviews.com/anna-gibson-steel/
During the conversation, or rather attempts to establish child avoids eye contact, does not show facial expressions of emotion when smiles, it is usually with pursed lips. In social situations, children often do not take physical activity, if necessary, performs a "cost-effective" moves. Despite its outer passivity can be seen that closely watching the surroundings and listens carefully what others are saying. At home (or other well-known environment - for example, in a favorite aunt) the child is free, sometimes even excessively busy, willingly and without any problem talking with loved ones. Caregivers often report that at home the child is very talkative, likes to "superintend" the environment and impose their ideas.