Your Nighttown excursion the other night

Well mr 305 this is mr 850 and i was just curious why the other night you didnt accept my invitation to meet one of your more serious fans ,sitting up in the nicest VIP room that night town had to offer, I had our waitress speak with the manager and he said that he was going to ask you, Just curious if you had even got the invitation? he said that you declined to have a drink with me (and about 7 women that I had with me in cluding my top of the line dime piece) , So I figured mabey next time you were in town you could meet the pitbull of the (850) and if you would give me a couple weeks in advance i could probably set you up with pimp ass pad to kick it at here in destin if your interested in my invitation just email me at (we attack the problem not the customer) im a full service remidiation company here on the emerald coast (construction) and if i could be of service to you, That would just set it off for me i grew up in LA dog i aint no gang banger or drug dealer neither, The streets just taught me how to hustle and make money the right way (much love and respect dog ) thanks for choosing to come to MY town