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I just saw Pitbull in Guatemala City, Guatemala on October 28th. It was a complete disappointment. I have been a Pitbull fan for almost 10 years and remember seeing him at several shows throughout Florida while he was up and coming. While, the performance was very entertaining, it was only 45 minutes long, and tickets cost $120.00. I am appalled that in the developing world people are charged this outrageous amount and then only receive minimal entertainment. Pitbull was our window to the first world and it was foggy at best. The average Guatemalan makes $266 PER MONTH and the cheapest ticket was $25. I am not sure how these prices can be justified. I would really expect more from a performer that himself has had to overcome adversity to achieve his success. While I am fully aware that very little of his life is in his control anymore...really? No encore? I really think the Guatemalan fans deserve a BIG apology.

Posted by guate57