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Dear Pitbull,
As an over-forties woman from New Zealand,who admittedly probably just doesn't get the whole 'rap' thing, I was a bit horrified when my kids showed me your song 'Give Me Everything Tonight' - frankly, while it's quite funny, the philosophy behind it isn't something I would want to see my teens involved in. We, indeed, might not get tomorrow, but then again we probably will, and life would be less complicated without an STD. Or an unwanted pregnancy. Or just that empty feeling you get after sleeping around with all and sundry.
You seem, from your bio, to be someone who's turned their life around, probably more than once from the sound of it. As you say,it's been a struggle. My question to you is, do you really follow the philosophy you're singing about, or is the song, and others I've found like it, just for fun? If you do, might I suggest you try settling down? Monogamy can be fun, too - a lot more nights to explore with that special person Smile, and brings with it the added bonus of really getting to know someone....And without the complications involved with flitting from partner to partner, you might find life a little less of a struggle....
PS While I can't agree with 'Give Me Everything Tonight''s philosophy, I still can't get the darn song out of my head, LOL! Very catchy, so top marks for that!

Posted by hausfrau