Pitbull Performs on Billboard Music Awards

Mr. Worldwide had a busy night on the Billboard Music Awards! He rocked the stage with Xtina while performing his hit single "Feel This Moment" & kept the party going during his performance of "Live It Up" with J Lo. Catch all the action below!

Comments (2)

I really love these songs Feel This Moment is the best song to me.Cause it has a good theme of music.I also love the new single Jennifer Lopez made cause Pitbull in that song has a lot of good voice in himself.I mean he sings well In that song.

There is a pyramid in live it Up. "EVERYTHING YOU DID IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED". I burned a yellow candle on the 19 because I was stimulating the 3rd Chakra, you know Soul-ar plexus to go with our soul system, or Sun. The galactic center we are in is behind the Solar (Suns name) system Soul-our-system.