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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...
Pitball is a great inspiration to a lot of people. Music is absolutely brilliant.
To see where he has come from and what he has dealt with and has not given up.
I am a mother/wife - work fulltime and volunteer to run a community company called Waterside Sports and Social Club in Holbury, Southampton, England. At this moment in time I am fighting HRMC (Revenue and Customs) on a issue which is not totally our fault. I have written to my local MP to help give us time to pay with no hope, we have not been able to negotiate any time etc. I have just watched his struggle and it has inspired me to take it to a higher level and go to David Cameron.
I am the Chair of Waterside Sports and Social which is in a deprived area and has 2500 members and 16 sporting section - I have also put together plans to build and make it a centre for the community and it seems every corner I turn I get smacked in the face.
So a Big Thank you Pitball you are an inspiration. Please keep the music coming - Your are great.

Best wishes

Sharon Rushmer

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