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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...he's got charisma, he's sexy, he's professional, love that he wears suits, he's got a one of a kind voice, he in other words is the whole package.I went back did some research, listened to some of his prior work and got up to speed. He deserves every bit of fame that he has acquired due to his hard work and thank God that someone else believed in him as well. El tiene una sensualidad que no todo tiene. I was attracted simply to his voice but then I saw those eyes behind those shades..sometimes what the eyes say are more than what comes out of a persons mouth. So veremo hasta donde llega esto. Le deseo mucha suerte y felicidades en lo que es su negocio y vida personal.
Now as to why you should be a fan..his lyrics are not for the prudish, so if it feels too hot & you're not up for the heat get out. But if you don't mind it then it's worth a listen. At some point there will be a song & you will say that's"Pitbull",no way. Trust me no matter where you are, you will sing along and want to dance. I know I did & still do.

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