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Castle Made Of Sand (Feat. Kelly Rowland & Jamie Drastik)
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I've lived my whole life with the world on my shoulders
So I can careless what this music game throws us
I see them looking for the keys but they won't find it
I came from a struggle, imma fighter, must you be reminded?
My mother's past has her trapped, has her blinded
But I took her past,I took her pain I made it strength
I fought the game, do or die
Pitbull's the name? Now, all I see is the future
Mom, I love you I salute you
And no matter what happens
Just know that you the reason that I'm rappin'

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... His music has grabbed me for 4 years, since the Rebelution era. The first song I've heard was the Hotel Room Service, I fell "in love" with him, and his music for the first time.
I love Global Warming and can't wait to see him at a concert. Armando please come to visit Budapest! Wink

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