Such a kind gentleman at Universal City - Christmas Cali 12/2010

I was at the Christmas Cali Concert. Wasn't feeling well. Was thinking should go back to my Hotel room after Pitbull's performance. Told my hubby to stay and watch the rest of concert. I went back to my Hotel and who would you know was walking in the same "Hotel" I was staying at. Mr. 305....OMG! I was stuck on stupid. I ask if Mr. 305 would mind if he would be generous enough to take a pic with me and autograph my ticket stub and he did gladly. I was in shock in all. Started feeling better and went to my Hotel room and waited for my hubby. My hubby couldnt believe it. Thank you! Pitbull for being so nice to take a moment for a fan. Love you! Love your music and your God, given talent!!! God, bless. XOXO

Your Fan for Life,
Lorena Magallanes
Palmdale, California

Posted by La Reyna