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I'm a fan (and you should be too)because not only is Pitbull a great artist but because of the great person he is today.I like Pitbull because i love his music and i can deffenitely relate to it.His music is worldwide and touches many people no matter the age,the gender,nor your ethnicity is music that no matter what you are and who you are you can become a part of it.At the beginning of his career it was little tough for him but that just strived him to keep his head high and accomplish his dream,and that's why i like about Pitbull he never gave up,he is an example to follow for all Latinos and everyone else that listens to his music.

Mr.WORLDWIDE is the perfect name because he is all around the world and including my self we all love him and his music.He is the best at what he does and there's no doubt about that.

I love Pitbull hes my favorite artist i flew from New York City to Miami,FL to his concert and it was an AMAZING PERFORMANCE.I also went to the Roseland Ball room in New York to see him perform and although he was like an hour and a-half late his performance DID NOT disappoint me at ALL!!!!


Posted by Yilda


3年 7週