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Redondo Beach
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Give Me Everything (feat. NeYo, Afrojack & Nayer)
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The Music of my Life ^^

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Well, how I can explain the love I feels for this "Wonderful, incredible, and amazing" Man? Is impossible, each thing coming from him I love a lot, he smile, he eyes, he music, he "talents"
Ohh Pitbull how I love you, is sad I don't meet you before your fame, I know a lot people's coming to you after your fame, but you don't need "Fame" or "Money" for everyone look how amazing and incredible you are.. If I write one million "I love you" I don't started explain "how I love" so much, and my dream is one day meet you..
I love with all my heart, thank you so much to give me the opportunity to share this love for you, because is my "true" one day I will tells this words for you, because for god nothing is impossible..
Love you my Pitbull ^^

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2年 24週