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Pitbull Y Ken Y
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Dime Mami Lo k es k tu sientes , Dime mami lo es k tu queres?

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...

Well Honestly I don't really know "why" exactly.
I just am ( um...) .
One day I was listening to his music and decided to look to the web for understanding. Pit seemed to have many mixed emotions.On life topics I can soo relate to. When I looked at Pit's photo I was amazed by the humble eye's of such an unique man. I found his personality intriguing. So I looked deeper into his life his reasons, his mind, and even the little things like the way he touches his nose with his index finger when hes on the mike. I haven't ever really considered my self a fan. However I am totally interested in Armando as a person.
I admirer his growth and talent to be a strong reformer.

Posted by lola


5年 27週