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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...I am a 70 year old female (tomorrow) who really enjoys your music. I know that is strange but your music "moves me". Even at this age I have one hormone left and you see to find it every time I listen to your music. I have read a lot of about you and heard some of your interviews and I like what I hear. I love the ambition, drive and the coalition of yours with other stars in your music. It is quite smart of you to join your music with theirs and get double fans going. I will say, tho, all good things do come to an end somehow, so prepare for yourself and your family and write a biography of your life (if you have the time) so others can follow your ideas, psychology and dreams. Your life has been, will continue to be interesting. I certainly would like to have known you and how you think.

Posted by balloon9


1年 28週