My Son James

Hello Pitbull, I'm writing in regards to my son and your life as a young boy growing up on the streets. I have just finished watching behind the music featuring yourself and I have to tell you I felt so inspired by you and your mother. I know that your dad was not alway's there for you and that your mother had to take the roll of both parents. In the end though I'm so happy that your dad and you got the chance to rebuild some form of a relationship before he died. Just like your mother my marriage had problems and as a relsult of it I to became a singe mom trying to raise 3-kids and doing the best I could. Now don't get me wrong I have never been perfect and I now that I was not always the best I could of been for my children, but I didn't know alot as a single parent. As it stands today my children are grown they are 26, 23 and 22. They have a had a somewhat difficult childhood do to me and their father. I now only hope for the best for their future. I will be honest I really didn't know who you were until you came out with the song (All of you Tonight) featuring my other inspiration Neo. However I came to like you does not matter, the point is, you caught my attention and I think you are a great person and can 100% be a role model for the youth of today. My son as well as you likes to freestyle and rap all the time. Even though I am not a huge rap fan I always get excited for him and tell him he sounds great. He lives a diffucult life at the moment do to drugs dealing and taking, It scares me for him all the time. I am scared he will go to prison or die. Even though I tell him that I am worried about him he says ( Mom your crazy I'm fine) he cannot go to his own father and talk about these things in his life because he does not have a real relationship with him. I know it's alot to ask and I'm sure alot of people want so many things from you and I promise I am not asking for anything out of your way, but if you could just drop him a short line giving him some sort of inspiration then maybe he will think twice about his life and he won't think I am just bugging him. Anyway's it would be nice and a huge favor to me and him if you could, I just feel very strongly about this. In all my 43 yrs of life and listening to music I have never asked anyone for such a huge favor. But if its not possible I will understand and keep on being one of your favorite fans. Keep up the great work.

Connie Johnson

Posted by cjrenay