Project Reform A New Organization For Kids In Miami Could Use Mr.305 support

My name is Damien and I'm working on launching an organization that addresses two social issues affecting our community. The School Budget Crisis and the Homeless. We have been reaching out to power 96, other community leaders and different forms of media to help. But it seem they don't give a s***. All I write is a little formal introduction of Project Reform and the issues we want to address and we never hear back from them.

I think its such bull s*** especially since non of the organizations I've contacted aren't doing a thing about these issue. I love Miami and it's been my home since I was two. Our children are not getting the education they deserve due to all the budget cuts and political scandals. Especially in low income communities.

Pit Bull If you got this ---Please help us--- With your public image we can begin to make a change for the children in our community. Key Figures in Miami seems to have forgotten it takes a community to raise a child.
We have babies having babies and they need our help---

Please Mr.305 you could help us make this change----

Posted by Projet Reform