Latinos En Accion 14 year non-profit group

I am sure you get lots of requests. What is the worst you can say. No. I am writing on behalf of our Non-profit group that has been operating out of Waltham, Massachusetts for 14 years. We are called Latinos En Accion. We are a non-rprofit organization that organization many charity events for our local Latino community. Let me just name a few. We have dances, an Spanish Festival, on the common, aids walk, cancer walk, hunger walk, beauty pagents, Softball game for the kids, Halloween party for the kids, Christmas party for the kids, once a year we choose one Latino family in need to raise money for. THis year it is for a young boy from Guetamala with cancer. Recently, a 9 year old boy from El Salvador was killed here in Waltham in a minor motor vehicle collision because he was not seat belted. As a Latino En Accion board member, an EMT and as the current Ms. International Mother 2010 it is our duty to educate Latinos coming from other countries on seatbelt safety. We are currently in the works on a seatbelt safety day. One of my projects as Ms. International Mother 2010 is a Cuban Coctail and Couture charity event for an orphange in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I can not wait to travel there and personally hand them a check. Also on our board of directors is Ms. Latina Universal 2010. So these are just a sampling of the many wonderful things we do for our community. In a few weeks Myself and Ms Latina Universal will be given Keys to the City by Mayor Jeannette McCarthy for all our community service.

We will be attending the Pitbull concert on June 23rd at Six Flaggs New England. If there is any chance even for 5 minutes if Latinos En Accion could get a couple of autographs and a handshake from Pitbull and put them in our Cuban c***tails and Couture auction and in our charity event for our little boy from Guatemala we would be very appreciative. We have a facebook account and we have a tax ID number. We are a real non-profit. Please email at HOw can you say no. My family is Cuban and we share the same birthday of Jan. 14th.

Thank you very much on behalf of Latinos En Accion Waltham, Ma

Carla Orta

Posted by cjorta