How to discern her love heart

As the saying goes : . " Girl heart undersea needle " In fact, the girl's speech is often a song off of . If the interaction with the girls , a single speech from the surface to understand things , that would be wrong , so you have more than a few eye- long , good look at the girl's words from the opposite problem. Remember , the performance of certain connotations of language by implication , a girl of expertise. This requires the ability to have three boys :
First, the concept of color think of love
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Then looking girl with the process, you want to understand her true intentions based on current conversations with the girls and talk to your demeanor.

Finland is famous lady, life skills cautious, never willingly accept the invitation boys . Male colleagues decided to use wholehearted enthusiasm for the truth to be opened to her heart. When you first go to the movies to invite Finland , Finland is very sorry and said to him : "No , ah, 10 o'clock in the night , I have to go home ." But the male does not retreat , and finally successfully invited to his own love of the girl. The secret lies in the concept of color are good at thinking of male love .

In fact , when dealing with a girl , if she was always absent-minded , half-heartedly , or with misty look silly talk with you , especially about the encounter with the topic of love , she was always quick to turn aside , it shows that she your emotions very cold, then you should get the picture retreat. Conversely, if she often attachment , excited look and talk to you , that she 's not a bad impression of you , she is happy to get along with you , and happy , and I hope to go with Hello develop each other's friendship.

Hung above example , believes that if Finland really refuse him , it will pale cold , said: " ! I have something , Shubufengpei "

But Finland 's eyes are not indifferent , but it seems kind of hope. Fen no apparent denial , that she refused contains certain overtones . Fen said she must go home at 10 o'clock , that means as long as the male in her home before 10:00 , she can still accept his invitation .

It's that simple.

Second, the police statement knowing

People often say : " The Battle of Love ," to be well versed in the boys ' fair in war , "the truth , the girl's language , timely use of reverse thinking a little while the other way of thinking , the words will come to a positive anti- Italian . Thus , in the intelligence field you can successfully "captured " the girl 's heart.

Some girls often call or write to tell her boyfriend :

"I have been very busy recently , I can not meet with you ."

"I want to go on a trip of a person relaxation relaxation , recently can not meet you ."

If you believe that , then you're a fool , she really so busy , how will have spare time to call or write to you complain it?

In fact , the girls in love boyfriend likes to pay attention to her , care for her . So many girls in their most bored and told her boyfriend that she so busy , in the absence of anything else to tell you when dating dating and more , are unable to meet with you . Her true intention is to use this method to attract your attention to her . If you really believe her , but she thought it was considerate of her , said: . " Since so busy , it would say so after the " This can only lead to disappointment girl . In this case, says , will get a girl's heart .

"Really so busy ? Could not take a moment to look at me?"

"Although you are so busy, but tomorrow 's date you must come , even half an hour ."

Remember: In this case, the girl's true intentions are : . " Although I am very busy, but if you ask me , I can still find time appointment of " girls think that if you love her very deeply , you not care how busy she was , she should take the time to keep the appointment .

Third, listening taste

Love, boys girls should be based on the tone of the conversation , grabbed the girl's tone overtones .

Ping came home from work and saw before walking partner Founder ho , busy off excitedly , concern
Asked: " how not to ride ? "
" I think I walk ! " Ho enthusiasm excited, laughing answer.
"Are you the man that is really unpredictable ." Ping fleeting glimpse like Jiaochen said.
Hao sensitive to what : "We carts slowly, not also a very wonderful picture of you?"

Here, Ping said: " it is unpredictable ." Fact that she had felt the ho charm.

Because the man's " abysmal " is also a charm. Hao Ping is little understood at the time and friends do not quite understand , she will feel ho attractive to her . Ho is a stroll in the street in two occasions and Ping soft and Vibrato sounds , taste the "You're unpredictable " This sentence implies "You really attractive " and respond reverberation .

Love the world, to discern the heart of the way the girls are varied, the key is that you usually have to observe carefully pay attention , continue to accumulate experience , mastered certain skills , and the girl will appreciate the " minds think alike ." unlimited hot fun .

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