Proud of my 3year old son

Just wanted to Thank Pitbull for his song 1-2-3-4. My son Antonio is developmentally/Communicative delayed because of chronic ear problems and after his third attemp with tubes they finally worked, now he has to get to his age level and was having a hard time until a couple of months ago heard that song and those were his first actual progress. You all don't know how it made me feel...He now is able to count to five and says two phrase words...He really try's to sing the song every time it comes out on the radio but can't understand some words...He has progressed a lot and now has reached a 2yr9month child level...It all started with that song. If Anyone knows Pitbull please refer my messege of thanks and gratitude. Thanks! My email is

Once Again, Thanks,

Blanca Fajardo

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