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Daddy's Little Girl
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Pitbull Feat. Slim
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"It's just too bad, that a man took her innocence

And God knows that I,
I would finish him, diminish him, end up killing him
Blame it on the ignorance, that's where her childhood went...

All your life you wanted, only one thing and that was to say
(She was Daddy's little Girl)
Confused and don't know what to think
'Cause she thought that she was
(She was daddy's little girl)
To find for herself cause she thought that she was
(She was Daddy's little girl) ...

It was tough how we, how we were brought up
Tougher for you, cause you had no father...

You cut through the pain, you walked through the rain,
The game ain't playin' you, baby you played the game
Now you're in search of , that father figure....

....This is to all the women that stayed strong and beat all the odds (She was Daddy's little girl)
The one's that have been raped,
The one's that grew up fatherless
(All alone in the world)
But still found a way, to raise their kids,
And do the right thing
(She was daddy's little girl)
This is for y'all,
I love y'all
(All alone in the world) "

The reason I love Pitbull as much as I do is because he changed my life at a young age. I was sexually harassed by someone who was very close to me and I went into a depression at the age of six (2001). In 2004 I actually heard a lot of his music so I grew up with it. It wasn't until 2009 when Pitbull released his album Rebelution that my life changed. His one song "Daddy's Little Girl" really hit me and got me really sad but actually made me extremely happy. That one song gave me the courage to actually make something of myself and want to do more in the world. I was always second guessing myself and thinking I was not worth anything until that song.

That is why I am one of Pitbull's fans. I was since the beginning and I always will admire him and love him. I do not care what others think of him because to me he means the world to me and nothing will change that.

I wish I could personally thank him for always putting his all into his work and I would love to thank him for inspiring me to draw and pursue my dreams and be happy again.

Te Amo Mucho, Armando Christian Perez!
Muchas Gracias<3

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