Tu Cuerpo Feat. Jencarlos

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i love the way u move in u videos u snd shivers up n down my sine every time i c oneof ur vidos n ur sooooooooooodamn sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy hugs n kisse 4 u

You are so sexy. I love your voice and your Cuban accent when you talk in spanish and I also like it when you talk in english, Your voice makes me crazy. Lot of kisses for you

I love it !

I love it !

The girls are beautiful in all your videos where do you find them all.

love this ...i wish i could understand the lyrics Smile like the sound of very word ....Pitbull u sooooooooooo sexy !!!

pitbull, i think your great,in all the things you do allllllllllllll, you give me hours of pleasure everyday,love you always your everloving fan patty

omg love this xxx

Very nice body moves are seeing in this music from my dear pitbull. it was fantastic...

k buena cancion!!!!!!!!!!!

Me encanto! esta fantastico. Como siempre Pitbull QUE BARBARO TU ERES!!!!