Bon, Bon (VEVO LIVE! Carnival 2012: Salvador, Brazil)

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i will love if you come in Belgrade to sing.
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I've watched aspiring singers pop into my studio for singing lessons <a href="">Traditional Moroccan Bath Dubai for men</a> over the years, and I've seen firsthand how working with what you've got is the best approach. Not everybody can be the best in the world.

daleeeee!!! ı love you pit<3<3<3 (turkey)

Pit is pitalicious!!! Great Music, Great Moves, and the BEST dresser in show biz darlie

you are hot i dont know how the girls didnt take you off the stage lol.....

i will love if you come in Belgrade to sing..... you are my favourite singer.... ! Laughing out loud

I will love if you come to sing in Belgrade......You are my best singer.......