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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because I simply LOVE his upbeat songs!
Ever since I first heard him on the radio, I knew he would be one of the greatest in the world of music. As a dancer, I have been inspired by his songs because they just simply make my body move automatically. I don't think there is a song that one can not dance to, is innevitable to stay still with his music. Also, the fact that he has collaborated with so many great artists makes him even more respectable. I dont know him personally but I can see that he has a good heart; I admire his work and humbleness. Now, as a Zumba instructor, I have choreographed to some of his songs and my students love it! I just want to thank him for bringing so much fun to this world, God knows that we needed =) .
Hopefully one day I will be part of his dance crew, that would be a great honor!

And this is why I am fan Wink

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