How To Become A Pilot

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Being an airline pilot can be one of the best jobs in the world. First-year salaries range from $ 25,000 to over $ 50,000 per year. Pilots who have worked for a company of 10 years would have annual incomes around $ 300,000. A pilot may have even larger gains during the course of a career. A driver can only work eight days a month. They never have to take their work "home" with them, their job is finished when they leave the plane. Pilots have retirement packages and benefits that exceed what most other professional wins. They get to travel free or fee reduced. They reduced the rate of the hotel and car hire. Pilots still have time to use these services.

Most pilots love their jobs, to the point that even fly for fun on their days off. Sounds great, right? Well, there is another side of the coin.

While some drivers earn high salaries, most pilots at major airlines earn about $ 100,000 per year. However, not bad, however one must consider that very few drivers actually work for major airlines. Unlike other professions, which can be reasonably sure that they get a job once they have finished school, etc, most skilled pilots can not get jobs with a great company. My company recently received 7,000 applications for 50 jobs. All these people were qualified.

How many days a pilot works depends on a number of factors, including a pilot company works and how long the driver has worked for that company. Pilots can work as little to 8 days in a month, to a maximum of 20. While the drivers in a major airline can work 14 days a month, you should keep in mind that are not returning home from work in 14 days. They are actually far from their homes and families in the middle of each month, or more. This is a high price to pay. It would not be physically possible to more work. Pilots are already living in their suitcases half of their lives.

While the drivers did not take their work home with them, are obliged to be ready for testing .. Most pilots have a checkride twice a year. This requires a bit of home study. In the case of bankruptcy of a pilot could find himself without a job. In addition, pilots must maintain currency in new techniques and procedures, and keep their letters a day.

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