Saves Me Everyday!!!

I'm a 42 year old truck driver from Canada that has been divorced twice and has lost everything I've worked so hard for over the years since I was 18 years old. Both times I was cheated on repeatedly and had my heart, my dreams and my confidence in myself thrown into the gutter. I have worked soo hard over the years to provide for my kids (one daughter of my own), a step son and step daughter both abandonned by their mother. And do the "right thing". I have never taken charity and always do what I have to, to make sure my kids never go without anything. I am in debt every month making sure my daughter that still lives with me has everything she needs and the bills get payed while I rarely get to see home.
Every night I watch the video "Shut This Thing Down". I know that probabbly isn't the right title for the song. It gives me hope! That someday I'll be "OK" and perhaps "I'll learn How To Fly"!!!!!
Dave W.

Posted by dvw12306